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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 23 June 2014 17:26

Addressing Expectations: How Aircraft Accidents Can Help Refine Your Emergency Operations Plan

Written by  Andrea Chiroff

In responding to numerous critical incidents and mass casualty events over the past 20 years, we have observed one unwavering constant, irrespective of the type of crisis. In the immediate aftermath, what people most want and need is information. If there is even the remote possibility of knowing someone who may be affected, the incident that has been quickly tweeted about, posted to Facebook and publicized via traditional media becomes personal. Was my daughter on board the aircraft? Has my spouse been injured or killed as a result of an explosion or episode of mass violence at work? These concerns will create a flood of inquiries. Many organizations are not fully prepared for the volume of inquiries and often fail to plan for how information will be obtained, vetted, and provided to those involved. Family members expect the organization to provide timely and accurate answers, particularly for their most critical question: