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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 23 June 2014 18:59

Creation of a Marketing Disaster Severity Gauge Measuring the Dimensions of Damage as a Preface to Recovery

Written by  Ed Timmerman

Today’s business environment is ripe for marketing disasters due to its dependence on technology, the speed of communication, susceptibility to natural forces, the growth of consumerism, and an increasingly litigious society. Additionally, a single hurricane or earthquake, act of terrorism, faux pas committed by a corporate official, unfavorable court ruling, or injurious product defect can have disastrous effects on the reputation, profitability, and survivability of an organization. Traditionally, disaster management has focused on mitigation (activities taken prior to an event that will lessen the probability or effect of an incident), preparedness (efforts taken to enhance response capabilities), response (activities that occur after an event to improve the outcome through a well-developed plan to activate needed resources), and recovery (measures to bring the system back to normal operation after a crisis). However, to correctly specify the form that recovery actions should take, the disaster management process for marketing is missing a critical ingredient: