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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 23 June 2014 17:48

Data Breaches: Do They Have Place in Business Continuity Plans?

Written by  Erika Voss, CBCP, CORE, MBCI

An event that affects the company occurs: a rep from IT comes to the table as a responder for security related questions ... they said we’ve been hacked and records have been compromised? Even more helpful, if you could both see the disaster, let alone understand the impact through a similar lens. It would remove difficulties that occur when you see appropriate responses so differently. The IT responder: “Get the system back online quickly.” Security’s responder: “Let’s isolate and contain first before we just put the system back.” The PR responder: “What do you mean we’ve been hacked and records have been compromised? Just how big are we talking?” Sometimes we take for granted that we have complex infrastructure with multiple layers, platforms, and applications in our “backyard” and yet we are told things are protected, locked down, or better yet we won’t get “hacked.” Today the business continuity professional no longer