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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 23 June 2014 16:28

It’s Time to Give Back

Written by  Terri Kirchner, Ph.D., MBCP, MBCI

You, the readers of Disaster Recovery Journal, represent a broad range of disciplines – not only business continuity planning, but also the related areas of risk management, disaster recovery, emergency management, business resilience, audit, strategic planning, crisis communications, and program management. Your organizations span a panorama of sectors in the private/public and for-profit/non-profit arenas. As professionals, both individually and collectively, we possess a huge depth and breadth of valuable knowledge and expertise. Many of us “give back” by engaging in philanthropy, community service, or individual assistance to others, often in ways that are quite unrelated to our professional skills and experience. Wouldn’t it be terrific to contribute what we know and do best, focusing on nonprofit organizations and small businesses that could never afford the resources we are accustomed to working with and providing? Think of your small, local houses of worship, human services charities, cultural organizations, and one-of-a-kind “mom-and-pop” restaurants