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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 23 June 2014 17:15

The Soon-To-Be Retiree and The People Left Behind

Written by  Colleen Huber, MBCI, CBCP, CBRM

Many organizations are dealing with the topic of succession planning. This is probably something which all of the readers of this article are familiar. You know, looking across an organization and taking note of staff members who are nearing the wonderful stage of retirement. You probably think you can predict the people who will be turning in their two-week notice or giving the required two-month notice in the foreseeable future. Often times though, when a particular member of your team finally tells you they have decided to retire, your first reaction is probably shock as you can’t believe the person is actually going to retire and will soon not be working with you on a daily basis. Once retirement notice is given, you suddenly see how relaxed the soon-to-be retiree is. They attend meetings and always have a positive attitude, look at issues as something they need to discuss with their replacement,