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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 05:00

DevOps: History, Principles, Tools, and Business Impact

Written by  Alex Henthorn-Iwane

DevOps is an important technology movement that is often misunderstood. It may seem like just another exotic and passing software fad. However, DevOps is gaining enough steam that it’s important to understand its impact on IT. What is DevOps and Where Did it Come From? DevOps is primarily a cultural or philosophical movement about how to achieve the best software development (Dev) to operations (Ops) deployment outcomes. It is not a codified set of practices like ITIL. The genesis of the philosophy can be traced to the observation made by commercial Web startups that much of the reason for poor software outcomes was due to a lack of effective cross-team collaboration. After DevOps initially surfaced as a concept in 2008, a series of conferences called DevOps Days started in 2009 to foster the discussion. James Turnbull, an early participant who now works at Docker, describes the problem colorfully in his 2010 blog