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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 27 June 2016 00:00

Powering Disaster Planning

Written by  ALEX RAWITZ

Improving Battery Reliability with Automation Disasters are a challenge for any business regardless of their products or services, hence the essential role of business continuity planning. For industries such as telecommunications, utilities, railroads, and others that rely on a distributed infrastructure to deliver on-demand services, disaster recovery and continuity planning are even more complicated exercises. These companies must protect not just their own offices, employees, and operational structures, but millions of dollars of physical infrastructure, without which they cannot return service to their customers after outages. One line of defense is back-up power, primarily battery systems. Like the batteries in your emergency flashlight at home, these batteries are usually checked infrequently if at all. Luckily, a new market of technologies is improving back-up power and disaster recovery for these companies. The Complications of Managing Distributed InfrastructureThe compounding effects of disasters on recovery time due to the need to manage extensive infrastructure are