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When Disgruntled Key Employees Don’t Show Up One threat often overlooked is that of key employees unwilling to respond after a disastrous event. Once unthinkable, changes in corporate culture and society have caused this to be a real threat to your recovery time objectives and the continuation of business. Many senior leaders and auditors believe the long-term strategies for responding to disasters, in place for decades, are still viable. These strategies are based on the willingness of key individuals and leaders interrupting their lives for an immediate relocation to distant alternate business sites or IT processing centers for an undetermined…

November 13, 2019 – Staffing the Expertise you need at the Right Time and Cost Flexibility


October 30, 2019 – Orchestrating a Disaster Recovery Test


October 23, 2019 – BCP Software or BCP Consultants? What is best for you?


Content at Rest: Your Unrealized Threat Vector
Data protection is a vast and complex space. Providers are responsible for preventing loss by inventorying and controlling said data...
Communication Leads to Resiliency
Welcome! I assume you’re reading this at DRJ Fall World 2017 or you’re on your way to Phoenix to attend...
Systematic Determination of Risks
Organizations know how important it is to manage risk. However, many risk evaluations are not done systematically. This is an...
Unlocking Resilience
  How resilient is your organization? Current and past incidents teach us that business disruptions, crises, and disasters occur far...