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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 12 November 2007 23:51

Accelerated Access to Disaster Zones

Written by  James Hammill, CBCP

On September 23 -24, 1997, a focus group meeting of Emergency Management professionals from the private and public sectors was held at the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Washington, DC. The intent of the meeting was to identify ways in which the public and private sector could cooperate to allow for 'accelerated access' to a disaster zone following a catastrophic event. Recent disastrous events, both natural and man made, and the frequency of those events, have caused the business industry to rethink their own vulnerabilities. Industry has begun to understand that their recoverability will greatly depend on the community infrastructure as well as having internal controls that create and maintain executable recovery plans for their company. Due to increased competition and reliance on technology, companies must be ready to implement their recovery procedures immediately. However, under today's emergency procedures, a company may not have access to their facilities to ascertain the