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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 15 November 2007 04:55

Managing the Recovery Planning Project: Part Two

Written by  David A. Johnson, CBCP

Barring acts of God or deliberate sabotage, no obstacles to a successful project are insurmountable. By following five key principles of project management, the Recovery Planner can, in fact, avoid all of the obstacles listed below, and never have to resort to making excuses. The five principles are:1. Manage Scope and Objectives: Never allow a project to become unmanageable due to a scope that is too broad, or objectives that are ambiguous.2. Manage Commitment and Budgets: Never allow a project's objectives to be compromised by lack of commitment or inadequate funding.3. Manage Target Dates and Accountability: Never allow a project to fall behind schedule due to unrealistic target dates, or lack of accountability for meeting target dates.4. Manage Communication and Technical Expertise: Never allow a project to get off course due to poor communication among project members, or lack of well rounded technical expertise.5. Manage Testing and Maintenance: Never allow