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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007 01:50

Network Data Mirroring Delivers Wide-Area Protection Augments, Tape Backups, & RAID Devices

Written by  Jason Welco

To implement an effective disaster recovery program, planners and technical staff must consider the full range of possible disaster events and the extent to which each event can interrupt business operations and damage corporate data. Some disasters are confined to a single user's desktop, while others affect entire geographic regions. The data protection technologies currently available vary greatly in their ability to protect organizations from specific disaster types. Traditional data protection tech-nologies, such as tape backup and fault-tolerant storage devices, protect business data from failures and human errors that can damage individual devices or buildings. However, corporate data is vulnerable to site- and region-wide disasters even if tape backup and RAID devices are both in place. Network data mirroring complements these traditional backup methods by protecting organizations from events that can destroy fault-tolerant storage devices. If your organization risks losing valuable time or business information due to wide-area disasters, network data