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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 19 November 2007 23:36

Coping with Cyber-Crisis: Identifying, Preventing and Overcoming Threats to Corporate Reputation

Written by  Tim Wallace

Corporate disasters come in many shapes and sizes. But whatever the impact on products, plants or people, the reputation of an organization is often what suffers the most damage. Unfortunately, there is an important new source of threat to a company's reputation: the Internet. As exciting as the Internet is for many businesses, it carries an underside. The Web has empowered those who for whatever reason would attack and criticize a company. Today, it is imperative that companies have damage control systems in place to deal with these types of cyber critics and the crises they can unleash.A survey conducted by Makovsky & Company with respect to the new media indicated alarming gaps in corporate preparedness. Only one-third of respondents claiming to actively monitor the Internet to learn what is being said about their firms. Barely 25% of those replying to the survey said they feel they have "good" knowledge