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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 13:35

Distributed Redundancy: "Maximum Availability at Minimal Cost"

Written by  Liebert Corp.

As the need for greater system availability intensifies across virtually every industry ' from global banking to just-in-time manufacturing ' network, IT, and other information systems managers are asked to guarantee an unprecedented level of computer uptime. To compound the problem, the platforms on which these critical applications reside have never been more vulnerable. They are often a mixture of leading-edge and aging technology and housed far from the protected environments sensitive electronics once enjoyed. This white paper concerns the recently developed power protection system, distributed redundancy. Distributed redundancy ensures 100% power as it dramatically improves power availability, approaching the virtual 100% level. The unprecedented level of power protection is assured regardless of platform, application criticality, or downtime sensitivity ' when even one hour per year of power system downtime is unacceptable. Moreover, distributed redundancy doesn't compromise any aspect of system management, from the ability to easily perform equipment maintenance to