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Monday, 19 November 2007 23:35

DRJ Conference Reveals Systems Disaster Readiness of BCP Professionals

Written by  Quantum Corp

How prepared is your company for a computer systems disaster? That is the ongoing challenge of the DLTtape' hosted education initiative known as Prove It. More than 45 market-leading partners have joined forces in the Prove It initiative to raise awareness and educate the market on disaster readiness for business continuity. While more than a thousand businesses and IS/IT managers have taken a disaster readiness test on the Prove It Web site (www.DLTtape.com/ProveIt), we thought it would be interesting to evaluate the readiness of the business continuity planning (BCP) professionals whose entire function centers on ensuring their company's preparedness. At the recent Disaster Recovery Journal Conference in Orlando, Florida, Prove It administered its disaster readiness scorecard to more than 200 BCP professionals to get the story straight from the experts. Here's what we found when we compared the DRJ responses with earlier tests from the general population. At the start of