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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:03

Business Continuity Best Practices

Written by  Reinhard Koch

Abstract: This article describes nine best practices for business continuity. These are universal best practices that apply to any organization and all technologies. Business continuity planning has been around for about thirty years now. It was birthed in mainframe recovery, expanded with the introduction of client/server technology, and gained broad acceptance during the Y2K crisis. Every large organization now knows what business continuity planning is about. Or, do they? All over this planet, Y2K plans are growing weeds. The crisis is over. Nothing happened. We have returned to business as usual. Unfortunately, business as usual includes thinking of Y2K as a one-time event. And, even while trying to forget the cost and effort of Y2K planning, we are beginning to worry about new issues. You have a new web site. Your customers are placing orders on it. Customer service questions are coming in by e-mail. It would be a major pain if