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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:08

Full-Spectrum Incident Response Planning

Written by  Rod Propst, Cindy Dunkle and Christina Beirne

As you prepare your business for the 21st century, you have undoubtedly addressed a variety of concerns that could hamper your productivity and success. But in developing plans for enhanced IT capabilities and aggressive business development strategies, have you devoted comparable attention toward a blueprint to protect your employees and your facilities from a terrorist attack? Recent events have shown that no U.S. asset is immune to terrorist actions. Attacks on government facilities at U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and at Khobar Towers reveal that terrorists search for symbols of U.S. policy to manifest their dissatisfaction. With the bombing of private facilities at the World Trade Center it has become clear that terrorists also seek symbols of U.S. economic prosperity and are targeting corporate assets as well. The attack on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City represents a new class of terrorism, as both government and private sector assets