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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:02

Mitigating Risk with Integrated Security Management, The Convergence of Technology and Capability

Written by  John Newton Ph.D., P.Eng

Friday 6:28 pm - 20,000 gallons of water cascade to the basement… Tuesday 11:02 am - Heart attack on the 34th floor… Monday 9:46 pm - Security door opens… Saturday 3:56 pm - Computer theft… Wednesday 8:58 am - Slip and fall… Every day of the year something happens in office buildings across the country, whether devastating or minor security staff must respond, resolve the issue and complete the requisite report. All in a days work. And yet the security and emergency team knows they can do more for tenants and owners - if only they had the tools and the time. Keeping the security and life safety operation going is essential, but as tenants’ demands rise and technology changes at web speed simply maintaining services is not sufficient. Seeking ways to perform essential security and life safety functions more effectively has become a central goal of all building owners. Historically