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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:10

The Acceptable Deductible

Written by  Edith Burn, MBCP

The Business Continuity industry has changed since I wrote my first article on Business Resumption Planning. The title of the article, 'Surviving A Disaster Takes a Plan, Not a Miracle!' (Disaster Recovery Journal, Vol. 7, Issue 3 1994). Business Continuity was still a new concept, since most planning was limited to recovery of the data center. Advances in technology and changes in the way business is done, has spun the growth of this industry and planning has expanded to cover the entire organization. In the aftermath of Y2K activities, and the emerging of e-commerce for business processes, we have been overwhelmed with new products, changing concepts and new terminology. The terms Business Resumption and Business Continuity were often used interchangeably. Our planning detailed how and where the critical business processes would continue operations after a major disruption. The concept meant resuming business operations within a pre-defined time period. This could include manual