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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:04

Using Quota Management to Safeguard Windows NT Network Availability and Performance

Written by  Steven Toole

Before the first drop of hurricane rain could hit the beaches, the Windows NT file servers began crashing at the County of Miami's office in Dade, Florida. It wasn't the hurricane's high winds, flooding, or power outages that caused these failures. It was the County's employees. Fearing the worst for their desktops after being hit by a hurricane three years in a row, employees developed the habit of copying their desktop's hard drives onto the servers as soon as news about a new hurricane hit the airwaves. Dozens of employees with desktops averaging four G-bytes to eight G-bytes started to copy their desktop data simultaneously to the servers. The servers couldn't take the pounding. Not every information technology (IT) organization has hurricane warnings to worry about. On the other hand, every Windows NT/2000 server systems administrator needs to ensure server availability and performance. Specifically, they need to be concerned about uncontrolled server disk