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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:21

Don't Become The Victim Of Someone Else's Disaster

Written by  Dennis Hodge

The risk assessment is done, the crisis management team is in place, plans have been developed for both continuity and recovery and all the business units have exercised their plans to perfection. Now the business continuity planner can sit back and relax with nothing to worry about. It’s all covered . . . or is it? On Aug. 2, 2001, approximately half the banks in Norway had a digital disaster, losing card services, ATMs, Internet banking and automatic phone banking for three days. The cause wasn’t torrential rain or widespread flooding. It had nothing to do with a power failure or a rampant computer virus. So how could something so widespread occur in the absence of a natural disaster in an industry where regulations demand exceptional disaster/continuity planning? Give up? All were customers of the same vendor, who provided the banks with various computer services, including data storage. The vendor, implementing a project