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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:19

Special Challenges Over Extended Distance

Written by  Tom Flesher

Why replicate your database? The simple answer is – to have a hot standby copy of your organization’s most critical data in case you need it. In case you need it for:Business Continuity – your primary copy of the data is knocked out or is unavailable for an unacceptable length of time – in other words, an “unscheduled outage.” Continuous Availability – your primary copy will be unavailable due to a planned and deliberate event, such as maintenance, migrations or reorganizations. Workload Balancing – you can run data mining applications against the replica copy and avoid the overhead on the primary copy.This article will focus on special challenges encountered when contemplating data replication over extended distances – generally speaking, distances greater than 100 miles. Sometimes this extended distance requirement will be imposed for purely technical reasons – the primary copy resides at one location but the replica needs to reside far away to