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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:16

What Is Business Continuity Planning? How Does It Differ From Disaster Recovery Planning?

Written by  John Glenn, MBCI

There are many articles addressing how to create a business continuity plan, but few actually describe the purpose of business continuity planning. This then is my biased attempt to explain what business continuity is and what it is intended to accomplish; it is not intended to describe a business continuity plan or how a to create a business continuity plan. Business Continuity Defined Business continuity – emphasis on “continuity” – is the ability of a business to continue operations in the face of a disaster condition. This means a business with a viable business continuity plan will be better able to continue doing what it did before a disaster event while assets damaged by the disaster event are recovered – until “business as usual” is resumed. Business continuity means:Identifying critical business functions Identifying risks to critical functions Identifying ways to avoid or mitigate the risks Having a plan to continue business in the event of a disaster