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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:12

DR Planning For Teleworking Environments

Written by  Adelle A. McIlroy, CBCP, CISSP

Teleworking has become an integral component of cost-cutting, quality, and employee satisfaction initiatives for many mid-sized to very large companies. Studies show teleworking can save productivity lost to commute delays or absenteeism, and can minimize overhead costs of an office facility by reducing or eliminating the need for a central work site. In addition, with more complex personal obligations, such as child or parent care, and the desire for flexible work schedules emerging in many employment markets, a program to allow employees to work full- or part-time from home can be a great advantage in hiring and retaining top talent. However, disaster recovery (DR) for a company heavily dependent on teleworkers requires planning and preparedness. This article will focus on the special needs for the teleworking environment, the issues to be addressed for both the teleworker and the central organization, and recommended practices to ensure successful continuance and recovery.