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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:06

Maximizing Internet Use For Business Continuity

Written by  Chris Alvord, CBCP, ACP & Joe Fuqua

The Internet will become a central, pervasive direction in continuity planning, as it has for many other functional areas of organizations. This change will enable new levels of capability, supplying a high level of capability to a wide group of planners and other users of, and contributors to, the plan. Everyone involved will be empowered through all phases of their processes, using the Internet paradigm embraced by so many other parts of the organization. The end point of the Internet is inevitable for our generation. Epochal changes like the mechanization of agriculture, the steam engine, internal combustion, railroad, telegraph, telephone, electricity, microprocessor, and relational database technology each caused significant change. Although the Internet has generated a different type of change than many of these, there is no basic difference in the order of magnitude for information management, all becoming like the Internet. The question now for a continuity planner becomes how to