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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:11

Protecting Documents Shouldn't Stop At Server

Written by  Thomas Hickman

There are two types of companies. Those that have already experienced a serious data loss and those that one day will. Unfortunately, most companies think their existing data storage plans will protect them from massive data loss. Too often these companies are caught unprepared and disaster is often only a short step away. Data protection is a vital component of a company’s disaster recovery plan. As business continuity and disaster recovery move to the forefront of IT operations, corporations are finally realizing the need to safeguard all company information. However, what most companies are failing to realize is while they believe they are fully protected by asking employees to save to the server, in fact, they are failing to protect 60 percent of their valuable information assets. In fact, an IDC research report published in July of 2002 estimates that there is more than 109,000 terabytes of corporate data that is