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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:12

The Key To Protecting Your Vital Assets On The Road

Written by  Keith A. Baker

Employees are organizations’ most vital assets, so when these same employees travel abroad carrying laptops and carry-ons brimming with corporate information, a company is risking the two core foundations of its competitive advantage. Also, organizations carry a fiduciary responsibility to protect their employees and internal information. This article will address general guidelines for companies when their employees are traveling abroad on business. And although it doesn’t address domestic travel or security risks, many of these concepts can be applied to these areas as well. Not Us. Why Should We Be Concerned? In the realm of employee safety, organizations innocently send out their employees to locations domestically and internationally with little awareness of the basic travel precautions. Even rarer breeds are those corporations or people that prepare for the environment they are heading into. Employees traveling in unfamiliar locations should be aware of some basic safety precautions, and those traveling overseas will need special