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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:16

Three Biggest Challenges Facing Our Industry

Written by  John Copenhaver

For many years now, corporate contingency planners have been agonizing over the questions, “How can I get the attention of senior management?” and “Why are our (pick one) disaster recovery/business continuity/emergency planning/crisis management initiatives always at the bottom of the budget allocation list?” Virtually every industry conference has at least one speaker confidently instructing attendees on “how to get management commitment” or “how to guarantee funding for your planning needs,” or something similar. Often times overlooked in this wailing and gnashing of teeth are the more serious and fundamental questions: (a) Is what we are trying to “sell” to our executive “buyers” what they actually want; (b) If not, what do they in fact want; and (c) If it is what they want, why is it often so difficult for us to “sell?” We are consultative salespeople, trying to sell a product that in all too many instances is ill-defined, using outdated sales tools