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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:02

Business Continuity as a Business Issue

Written by  Michael Croy

Recontextualizing the Role of IT in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery As fiduciary responsibility increases with new regulations and a greater focus on accountability, business continuity is no longer driven primarily by fiscal concerns. With business continuity becoming an enterprise issue instead of just IT’s problem, business is finally beginning to view IT as an integrated part of the whole and as a tool to support the business. Business continuity of mission-critical applications and access to information was once considered to be IT’s problem, to be solved through a focus on specific technologies. Today, that perspective is changing. Business continuity has become a business issue supported by IT, and the focus has expanded to incorporate enterprise-wide business processes. In short, IT has begun to be recognized for what it is: a tool to support the business. With the proliferation of new federal and industry regulations, the responsibility for ensuring that business continuity is funded appropriately