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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 01:14

Is Good Enough Storage Good Enough for Compliance

Written by  Dennis Wenk, CISA, CDP, CSP

Difficult economic conditions lead to fiscal belt tightening. The ever-increasing demand for data accelerates the growth of storage and causes these costs to appear like ripe, low hanging fruit to many cost-cutters. Buying low priced, “good enough,” or mediocre storage appears to be an opportunity to reduce a large and growing budgetary item. This, however, is only one part of the cost equation. Low-cost gear costs less not only because of limited functionality but also because a number of engineering shortcuts were taken during manufacturing. For example, using lower-tolerance components that have higher failure rates or removing redundant components are common ways to reduce production costs. These shortcuts, however, negatively impact overall reliability. Lower reliability means a greater number of outages that require restores, rebuilds, restarts, and reboots. The extra expense of these recovery actions as well as the lost productivity of diverting attention from more important productive activities can quickly exceed