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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:58

Solving Communication Problems to Gain Support

Written by  Judith Eckles

Hurricane Isabelle. The Great Northeast Power Outage of August 2003. Sept. 11. Y2K. Can any executive not approve the business continuity planning process and still pass the red face test? According to the business continuity planning professionals I talk with, the answer, remarkably, continues to be “yes.” With all of the media coverage of these events, it can’t be that executives are unaware. So what is keeping business continuity planning from being universally embraced? Could it be a communications problem? I decided to ask my colleague Bob Elliott for his thoughts on how business continuity professionals might more successfully communicate the importance of their mission. Elliott is an executive coach who has spent countless hours with executives ranging from the most senior to middle-level managers, guiding them on how to leverage their personal styles to improve the chance that their messages will resonate with their target audiences. Elliott, along with his colleague