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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:21

Adaptive Backup: Beyond Due Diligence

Written by  Daniel Hardman

Backups are a staple of any network. However, while created to help ensure the ongoing availability of data, backups are more often the last resort in the wake of a disaster. Transferring data onto tape through either a complete or incremental backup is one issue, but actually being able to access that data is another. Disk-to-disk, imaged-based back-up systems ease many of the challenges associated with traditional backups. These solutions make quick work of restorations, whether full system, bare metal, or individual files and folders. What’s more, set-and-forget disk backup solutions are now available that require minimal human intervention, increasing the convenience and speed of doing regular backups. But it is the integration and interoperability of backup systems with other innovative technologies that holds the greatest potential for ensuring data is accessible, safe, and recoverable. Coupled with systems management, patch remediation, and early warning solutions, backup becomes highly adaptive and delivers on