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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:25

An Internet Based Disaster Recovery System

Written by  Pin Yang, Tao Li, Kui Zhao & Jun Kai Liao

Data is a vital asset to businesses of all sizes, so it is crucial it be protected at all times. However, most businesses are at risk of losing or corrupting their data due to hardware and software failures or virus intrusions. Many rely on traditional approaches such as data backup and cluster technologies to protect data and keep it alive for a continuous business operation. However, large-scale disasters such as floods, fires or earthquakes may enable all of their efforts. An ideal solution would be an offsite disaster recovery system. However, this solution requires dedicated communication lines to transfer data between local data center and remote backup center, a costly option that may not be viable for all enterprises. In this article, an Internet based real-time data backup system is proposed. With this option, the public Internet is used instead of dedicated communication lines to build an offsite disaster recovery system.