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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:35

Landing On Your Feet: Being Prepared in the 21st Century

Written by  Michael Croy

Current and Emerging Trends in Business Continuity Since 2000, our world has seen dramatic changes that have caused an evolution in business continuity thinking. It used to be that recovery-minded organizations focused on preventing and avoiding disasters. Today, it seems inevitable that nearly everyone will be faced with unexpected “bumps” in the terrain from time to time. The focus is changing from avoidance of threat to “landing on your feet” in spite of it. In other words, organizations have found it necessary to become better prepared and be more proactive about risk management. While the imagined “disaster” in a disaster recovery scenario used to be an environmental one – fire, flood, or tornado – thus far in the 21st century we’ve seen likely examples of “disaster” expand to include terrorist attacks with global political implications; strings of powerful hurricanes; international power grid failure; threats such as data worms and hackers; and ordinary