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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:29

More than Just Window Dressing

Written by  Patrick Ridder, CBCP

What is the worst position to be in as a recovery planner? Unemployed, underpaid or overworked? I suppose we would all have our opinions of the most undesirable position. My sympathy goes out to any planner asked to create a recovery strategy simply to satisfy legal, regulatory, or contractual requirements. I’m sure there are individuals out there who have found themselves in this position. Seldom, if ever, will this scenario be announced beforehand. On the contrary, you’ll probably be working your way through the professional practices and one day discover that you’re all alone in your efforts. So how do you continue to deliver a quality service and remain true to your profession and your personal credibility? Let’s look at some warning signs:Project unannounced at an enterprise level Unspecified budget Inconsistent or unavailable executive sponsorship Lack of accountability among involved parties Poor attendance at scheduled meetings Late or no return of scheduled deliverables A constant push to “trim