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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 03:27

Small Corporation Stretches Resources to Make Disaster Recovery Strategy a Reality

Written by  Duane Abbott & Alan Carlson

CNA Surety Corporation provides commercial and contract surety products to clients in every state. In fact, it is a giant in its field. However, by corporate giant standards, Surety is a small corporation. And until recently, there was no comprehensive, information technology or disaster recovery strategy in place. It’s our guess that many small companies are wrestling with the same sorts of decisions that Surety has while formulating a disaster recovery strategy and stretching its resources to make it a reality. Our DR budget is limited, and no one is dedicated exclusively to disaster recovery. In fact, even as we are preparing for the next set of tests, the six staff members who support the Windows, UNIX, and ZOS operating systems and the network are preparing to roll out XP to more than 700 desktops across a wide expanse of geography and implement AIX and Active Directory 2003, along with many