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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 03 March 2014 19:34

Hurricanes Bring All Sorts of Problems

Written by  Ed Devlin, CBCP

Last year we experienced more tropical storms than any year since the National Weather Bureau has been naming storms. They actually ran out of names for the tropical storms and had to start using the Greek alphabet as names.Let’s start with Hurricane Katrina. It came ashore on Aug. 28. While New Orleans was spared the full brunt of hurricane winds, it did suffer drastically from breaches in the levees which created catastrophic flooding that left much of the city under water.On Aug. 29, the floodwall of the Industrial Canal broke open in two places. Some streets had as much as 10 feet of water. On Aug. 30, a 300-foot section of the floodwall lining the London Avenue Canal gave way, allowing additional water into the city. Looting began being reported around this time. On Aug. 31, the refugees located in the Superdome began evacuating. Reports of chaotic conditions – including gunfire