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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 03 March 2014 19:36

The Need to Characterize Redundancy, Performance Requirements

Written by  Keith T Hall, MBA, BSEE

Overview The intent of the table is to provide the initial guidance necessary for planning the redundancy measures for the system. As such, the table is merely a planning tool and does not need to be inclusive of all details up front. The requirements within the table should be revisited, developed, and updated as the system design takes shape. Customers are often surprised as to what actual redundancy capabilities are (and are not) within the system when the information is laid out in this fashion. The table is divided into three sections: system classification, redundancy requirements, and performance requirements. System Classification The section in yellow defines the system classification columns of the table. Two methods of setting up the columns are recommended. The first method is intended for low-level requirements specification that involves decomposing an end-to-end data path into segments, and populating the columns with that data. The second method is intended