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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 03 March 2014 19:36

Web-Based BCP Software-as-Service

Written by  Chris Alvord

Research indicates that many traditional BCP software projects fail. Pay-as-you-go SaS offering takes much of this risk away. There are several advantages of having an institution’s recovery plans and procedures well away from their own network. A general IT trend exists toward SaS ERP (enterprise resource planning) offerings designed from scratch for delivery as hosted on-line services. Existing BCP content can be leveraged using XML-based Web services, specifications to standardize and simplify messaging, and other interactions between software systems.As an example, the case of salesforce.com is presented as a model of the future for BCP software as a service. BCP Software Project Risk A survey of BCP professionals was conducted by this author in April 2005 in conjunction with ACP International. Among the findings from 509 respondents was that the failure rate of BCP software package projects was high. Even though 51.5 percent of institutions reported no planning tools, 24.6 percent reported their package failed. BCP