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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 14:36

High Availability Technology in Practice

Written by  DRJ

On average, Tony’s Fine Foods delivers more than $1 million worth of products daily. In addition to the main data center at company headquarters in West Sacramento, Ca., Tony’s has three warehouses located across northern California. Beyond the applications for internal operations, Tony’s runs logistics software for its third-party partners, applications which have to be available at all times. The company’s goal in acquiring HA was to eliminate the possibility that downtime at the primary site would impact the other sites.“Whether it’s keeping processes moving at our warehouses, having Web sites up for online orders or dozens of other business requirements, we want our systems to be seamless from the perspective of our customers and partners and our own sales representatives,” said Mark Geery, IT Director.“[HA] helps us avoid outages that could lead to disappointing a customer and helps us navigate our planned downtime so it doesn’t impact the business,”