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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 14:26

If the Project Fails, the Plan Fails (Looking for Risks Before Looking for Risks)


As business continuity planners we spend a lot of time looking for risks to our client’s critical operations.We create project plans and statements of work, carefully guesstimating the time needed for each phase of the project, which is fine if everything goes according to plan. As Murphy knows, things rarely do “go according to plan.”Project Management 101 A few years ago I worked a project for the city in the south. When we (the city’s folks and I ) started our conversations, the plan was to be “semi-enterprise” – “semi” because it excluded a couple of city functions, notably the local international airport and emergency services (fire, police).By the time I arrived on site, the semi-enterprise plan had dwindled to an IT department plan which would “showcase” business continuity to the rest of the city’s departments.My job was to mentor the city folks who would put the plan together.On my first