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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 14:33

Issues of Diversity in Crisis Management

Written by  Dr. PETER D. OSILAJA

Our world is changing. Forces of constant change, chaos, and complexity are replacing forces of stability and permanence that prevailed over our way of life. Methods of organizing such as top-down, command and control, monocentrism of viewpoints and culture, are being challenged and are proving to be ineffective in our education, religion, politics, and government. The predictable, permanent, homogenous community is now rare. Climate change adds to the instability and may have caused more tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes than ever witnessed. Man-made disasters have also become a great threat. The war zone has been widened as ordinary folks who feel aggrieved now have easier access to very potent polemic equipment and are willing to use them on fellow citizens.Globalization and technology are the main economic factors driving this change. Globalization and technology, particularly communications technology, are enabling great access, both geographical and informational, thus creating a leveler field. These have