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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 14:35

When Data Protection Is Not Enough


Ensuring System Accessibility with High Availability TechnologyA UK-based study prepared by University of Warwick in 2007 found that hourly downtime costs were as high as £350,000 (almost $682,000 at time of writing) in the retail industry and £100,000 (almost $195,000) in the finance sector. These are likely very conservative estimates as they are considerably lower than often-cited statistics from a Meta Group report prepared in 2000.When analyzing these losses, one can see they are comprised of both one-time and long-term components. The one-time costs include transaction losses, idle labor and other resources, restoration costs, penalties, and litigation. In extreme cases, such as healthcare treatment systems, downtime may delay service and even result in a loss of life. Long-term costs are associated with lost opportunities, lost customers, damage to reputation, and share price declines (if it is a public company).Small businesses are no less susceptible to these costs. In spite of