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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 28 December 2009 16:04

Profiting from a Business Continuity Plan

Written by  ERIC PITCHER

Often corporate business continuity plans are taken for granted, and their mandated annual maintenance is not considered critical or profitable. Developing and maintaining these plans is seen as another low priority action item on an already too big to-do pile. In fact, given tough economic times, even the jobs of the people who are responsible for these tasks are at risk as companies look to trim costs through the reduction of the non-revenue generating positions. This perspective greatly underplays the value that a valid and tested business continuity plan, and just as importantly, the person who owns it, can bring to the company.Make no mistake, a solid business continuity plan and the guidance of its owner can prevent crippling financial losses and greatly support cost reduction initiatives and profitability.Here are some of the ways the business continuity plan, and owner, can move from being a cost center to a cost reducer and even revenue generator during non-crisis times.Win new business by using the business