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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 28 December 2009 16:12

Survival of the Fittest

Written by  MICHAEL CROY

Creating an Adaptive Environment in a Tumultuous TimeA frightened rabbit can jump 15- 20 feet in one bound. A chameleon, if blinded, can still change colors to camouflage itself in its environment.A cockroach can live for several days without its head. When cornered by a predator, a starfish can sacrifice a limb and re-grow it after the danger has passed. These are only a few examples of how well the animal kingdom is equipped for disaster. Animals, by nature, seem to be built for adaptability, change, and yes, for survival.If only it were this simple for a CIO to protect an organization’s infrastructure. However, in today’s challenging, global environment with rapidly developing technologies and market trends, volatile economic conditions, and dwindling resources, greater adaptability is not only expected, but essential – and becoming more critical every day.Evolution in ProgressThirty years ago, an IT environment functioned largely as its own entity, a cost center supporting business functions but separated from business strategy information or decisions. Backup and recovery efforts were focused purely on bringing the