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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 28 December 2009 16:09

The Championship

Written by  RON FAUSET, CBCP

It’s third-and-goal from the seven. There’s the snap! The quarterback fades to his right. Yavorsky is in pursuit. White throws to the end zone … and it’s intercepted and downed in the end zone. Great defensive play!Sound familiar? The defense comes through with a great play. But will a great defense win the game? Possibly, but the defensive unit is only one part of the football team. Your offensive unit and special teams must also perform well if you are to have a winning team. And winning is everything, right?A coach wouldn’t seriously consider taking over a team if the owner said he wanted the coach to take the team to the championship with only a defensive unit. Sorry, but there’s just not enough budget for an offensive unit, and just forget about having a special teams unit. Doesn’t look like a championship is in that coach’s future.Another team requires