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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 28 December 2009 15:46

Using Incident Command System To Improve Management of a Global Event


Companies have been developing and implementing emergency management and crisis response plans since the early 1970s when business continuity planning was developing, and perhaps even before that.Over the years, many companies have developed emergency plans using organizational structures and sound business management principals. Subsequently, they “planned” to manage emergency events like any other business challenge or problem – identify the correct people, present them with the facts, and expect them to make good decisions. In the past, following a proven emergency management strategy or methodology was uncommon in the business world.In many cases this approach seemed to work well. However, businesses then, like now tend to be myopic and viewed emergency plans for a single event at one location. As such, key management staff would be assigned emergency response roles, activation procedures were put in place to bring teams together, and basic checklists were developed to guide the personnel