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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 06 January 2011 20:34

The Debate About Disaster Recovery in the Cloud


In February 2010, Forrester Research found that 86 percent of surveyed North American and European IT professionals were categorically not interested in or had no plans to implement hosted cloud storage. Curiously, in that same survey Forrester found that 50 percent of all respondents were either interested in or had already implemented backup-as-a-service.According to Forrester analyst Andrew Reichman, there are six factors that limit the spread of hosted cloud storage, which include: guaranteed service levels, security, chain of custody, shared tenancy, long-term pricing, and vendor lock-in. While these factors are considered to be liabilities for those weighing a move to “the cloud,” these are the exact strengths companies find in evaluating vendors for backup-as-a-service (e.g. online backup).This array of logic provokes a number of questions: Why does hosted backup-as-a-service continue to grow in popularity in spite of similar factors that appear to be stalling the widespread adoption by SMBs and