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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 06 January 2011 20:36

The Unique Role of Business Continuity in Police Operations


The root of business continuity planning relies heavily on external emergency assistance in event response. This is prevalent in all planning functions where often one of the first tasks is activation of police, fire, and medical assistance. This places emergency services in a unique position from a continuity of operations perspective. Within this challenge lies the multiple response functions of police agencies placing an even heavier burden on police readiness to address major emergencies. As professionals, we understand the concept of cascading events and the impact these have on business capability. In relation to police agencies, this consideration is crucial not only to the agency but the community as well.Police FunctionsThe variety of police functions during a time of emergency is truly unique in emergency services response. The general tasks designed for police operation in a major event are security, evacuation, and transportation functions. Even within these broad categories, police