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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 06 January 2011 18:28

Tiering Applications Is Critical For DR/BC Planning


The approach and solutions surrounding DR are changing quickly and dramatically. What has always been true for online businesses now holds true for traditional businesses as well-being in recovery mode means that business has already stopped. That being said, when it comes to protecting the organization, most companies don’t have the expertise, budget and/or personnel resources to assign equal criticality to all application and data resources. When all applications and data are given the same priority, decisions have to be made on the spot about what will be addressed and/or recovered first, causing confusion and loss of productivity and revenue, especially in the early and uncertain hours of an incident response.For these reasons, many organizations are making a concerted effort to tier applications and data, i.e., assess and make a strategic and comprehensive determination about which are most critical to the business. The most critical applications and data need inherent