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Volume 32, Issue 3

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A new year is upon us. A turn of the calendar is just the thing we need for a renewed start.

According to an online dictionary, a fresh start is defined as an opportunity to start over without prejudice. I hope this is the case for all of us. Let bygones fade away and focus on the future. It’s the only way to build a strong business continuity industry.

It has always been the goal of DRJ to be unbiased and neutral when it comes to reporting on industry practitioners, services and products. We will continue that policy in 2012 and for years to come.

Our industry is a close-knit group that feeds on the growth of one another. For more than two decades, the strength of an industry group has often spawned new ideas and undertakings in related fields.

By working together, recognizing and fostering the strengths of one another, we can see fast growth in all areas of business continuity. That is not to say we shouldn’t start new endeavors and undertake new projects. It simply means when doing such tasks we should be considerate of those in the industry who may also have the same strengths. There is room for expansive growth for the entire industry. How we handle that growth will be the key.

DRJ is planning to continue our growth with another successful conference in March, Spring World 2012. We have already laid the groundwork for our best conference ever. We are adding a senior advanced track to the conference agenda. This exciting option will be held for one day only on Monday, March 26 and is exclusive to those with qualifying industry experience.

We have added this track in reaction to the requests of many in the business continuity field who need more than novice or intermediate advice. We are excited about this option and about the positive feedback we have received. Details on gaining acceptance into the track can be found at http://www.drj.com/advanced.

Spring World 2012 also has an outstanding lineup of pre- and post-conference courses, breakout sessions, general sessions and workshops. It is the one conference backed by more than 20 years of experience. Our attendees consistently rank our conference as the best in the industry and continue to return year after year. We already have more than 450 registered.

If you have not attended a DRJ conference lately (or ever) we invite you to take a look at all we offer. Our prices are the lowest in the industry. Start the year off right with an exceptional learning experience at Spring World 2012. For more on this show and registration details, visit www.drj.com/springworld.

Speaking of fresh starts, I want to congratulate Ed Devlin on his lifetime of achievement in the business continuity industry. Devlin is retiring from the industry after many decades of service. He has been a columnist for DRJ for two decades and he’s served as a speaker on many occasions at our conferences. He is a bright, energized individual who has shared his wisdom in many ways during his business continuity career.

On a personal note, Devlin has become a family friend. He has always shown my family and our business tremendous respect and helpfulness. He is truly an icon in the industry and is often referred to as the grandfather of the industry. Congratulations Ed on a job well done!

I want to also thank all of you who have supported DRJ throughout 2011 and for your continued support in 2012. We are very blessed to be able to work with such outstanding individuals and organizations who are generous with their time, energy and ideas.

Here is to a great new year for all of us! Let’s begin anew and have the best year ever for the business continuity field.